I hope you noticed the new addition to my website:   Interesting Stuff 


Each time I create a new BLOG page, I'll also add something to the news page. 


No final proof for The Cat in the Tower came today, so I'll look for it Monday.


Now for my gift to you when you sign up to my email list. Each person who signs up to my email list in 2017 will receive a copy of one of my short stories. From time to time I will change what I send (stories, poems, previews of parts of new books, etc.) to all who are on the email list. All those on my email list will receive a personal notice  when a new book of mine is published.  And I look forward to interacting with you about things having to do with writing. We will be a community with similar interests.

Well, my hoped-for final proof did not arrive today.  I am disappointed because I hoped to give you the good news that The Cat in the Tower would be available in print by the coming midweek. But I have some other good news to tell you, tomorrow, whether the final proof arrives or not. I'll have a permanent new section of my Blog in which I'll give you some interesting information which I think you'll like a lot.


Also, I'll tell you what I'll send, as a gift, to everyone who joins my email list.  So please come back tomorrow, and I'll have my new info section, and I'll tell you exactly what I plan to send you when you join my email list, and why I am doing so. And maybe I'll have the final printed proof of my new children's book to talk about.



I am postng this late today, and plan to write more tomorrow.  I just want to tell you that I can scarcely believe that it has been so long since my last post--unbelievable--and I truly apologize.


A lot of things have happened in the meantime, and I am certain that a lot of things have happened in your life, too.


I have been writing whenever possible on my third novel, Tomorrow, and am about one third of the way through at this point. I intend it to be as suspenseful as Rough Edges.  My husband says he really likes it so far. One of my friends bought my second novel and said she couldn't put it down, and that really made me happy to hear that.


My real news is that The Cat in the Tower should be available in a couple of days. My husband has really been working long and hard on getting it ready for publication. We received a printed proof of it a couple of weeks ago, but a number of things just weren't right so he had several coversations with the people at the publishing house, and now we are expecting a final printed proof to be on our doorstep tomorrow.


I intend to let you know in a post tomorrow whether we received it and can let it be published. And I'll have a little more news, too.



I am very happy to tell you that I have just today put excerpts of most of my forthcoming books in the MY BOOK EXCERPTS section of this website, which which you can click on just to the left of what I am writing here on this line.


I'll be adding some more interesting stuff in a whole new section in a few days.  I have not decided exactly what to call this new section in which I'll tell you about things that I have learned or my husband has learned which I believe will interest you and perhaps make your life more interesting or pleasant or provide you with conversational topics, etc.

Happy spring!



     Thank you so very much for coming back to look at my Blog.  It has been a long time since I last wrote to you all, and I can hardly believe that it has been so long. My life seems to be moving at warp speed. 

     I have been concentrating on finishing my sequel to Hellfire and Snowdrops (Its title right now is Tomorrow, but I may change that) as well as getting pictures and text ready for a  book that I want to get published by June, if possible, with lots of my paintings of cats accompanied by small bits of text--sayings, ideas, etc.  It's a fun book, and my pictures are all in color.  I may publish it only on Kindle because print books in color are so expensive.

     The Cat in the Tower should be out in a month, and the revised edition of my very popular Calbert and His Adventures first published in 1990 could be out sooner than that, followed by the sequel, Calbert and Morse: Further Adventures.

     By this weekend (I really mean that) I'll have some excerpts from most of my forthcoming books for you to read, so please come back soon.

     I also neeed to tell you that right now all of my Kindle books (except the Princess Trinka and Basil book, which is $1.99) are on sale for 99 cents.  I have done that so that you can get them at a very low price and see why I have been given five stars by reviewers. Then, if you like them, you can buy them in a print edition for their actually low print prices in comparison to others.

Latest comments

02.12 | 17:20

Love the blog Grandma. Miss you

08.06 | 13:29

Bill, So sorry to hear about MelvaI Know it's hard for you. My son lost his wife three weeks ago from ovarian cancer. This has been a tough year. Love, Carolee

06.06 | 11:38

I did not read your book, but I am extremely happy to see you are doing so well .
I am a full time care giver for Melva ,who has sever dementia.
Cousin Bill.

30.05 | 16:15

Thank you, Gloria. It was good talking to you the other day. I'm sorry that I did not see your January (!) message earlier. Love

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