January 17, 2014

Wow!  Finally, I am almost finished with my radiation treatments for breast cancer.  Thankfully, I did not have to take chemotherapy.  During my radiation treatments I met several people who either did not have a doctor check strange pains that they had or did not have mammograms until too late.  It's so sad.  They are all really nice people, and are having to go throughboth radiation and chemo.  Please encourage your family and friends to get regular checkups.  So many cancers can be cured if caught early.  My husband got his prostate cancer found early on because he insisted on a biopsy after reading that if a PSA goes up 35% in one year the prostate should be checked.  The biopsy showed agressive cancer, and he chose to have proton radiation therapy (for information on proton therapy try PROTONBOB.COM).  His post-treatment PSA has been down around 0.15  for eight years now with no loss of physical functions other than what is normal for his age.


Well, my kitties have been pretty good through all of this, except on weekends.  We have had to get up earlier than we normally do in order to get to the hospital for radiation therapy Monday to Friday, and on weekends our black and white kitty does his best to make noise in the bathroom where he sleeps (next to our bedroom) so that we'll let him out.  We ignore him as long as we can and then let him out.  He then rushes into the hall bathroom where our gray kitty spends his nights, and bangs the door open with his head.  Our gray kitty then hops up on our bed and meows to have someone come oversee his eating his breakfast so that his buddy won't grab a bite.  Good grief!

More news on cats next time.  Happy New Year to all.



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02.12 | 17:20

Love the blog Grandma. Miss you

08.06 | 13:29

Bill, So sorry to hear about MelvaI Know it's hard for you. My son lost his wife three weeks ago from ovarian cancer. This has been a tough year. Love, Carolee

06.06 | 11:38

I did not read your book, but I am extremely happy to see you are doing so well .
I am a full time care giver for Melva ,who has sever dementia.
Cousin Bill.

30.05 | 16:15

Thank you, Gloria. It was good talking to you the other day. I'm sorry that I did not see your January (!) message earlier. Love

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