Oct. 14, 2017
A couple of years ago, my husband got fed up with finding only one sock of a pair when I took the laundry out of the dryer and put it on our bed for sorting. He already had a bunch of single socks with no mates held together with a rubber band in hopes of finding missing sock mates. He decided that he would use the little half inch safety pins that we had been collecting from the tags put on items that had been dry cleaned and pin the dirty pairs of socks together before putting them in the washing machine. It worked. He has not had any missing socks since he began using his sock saver method. But, in spite of checking sheets and pajamas, etc., he still has that bunch of single socks held together with a rubber band. Neither one of us can figure out where those missing socks could be!

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02.12 | 17:20

Love the blog Grandma. Miss you

08.06 | 13:29

Bill, So sorry to hear about MelvaI Know it's hard for you. My son lost his wife three weeks ago from ovarian cancer. This has been a tough year. Love, Carolee

06.06 | 11:38

I did not read your book, but I am extremely happy to see you are doing so well .
I am a full time care giver for Melva ,who has sever dementia.
Cousin Bill.

30.05 | 16:15

Thank you, Gloria. It was good talking to you the other day. I'm sorry that I did not see your January (!) message earlier. Love

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